The Wedding in Canada



05.09 - Erin & Asaf Vineyard Wedding 


When I met Asaf and Erin here in Mexico at Cristina & Thierry’s wedding, he mentioned they were getting married in a beautiful vineyard near Niagara Falls, I was so excited and I knew this was gonna happen and now I can tell for sure that I have some really good friends in Toronto!

Asaf is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met! He took the day off before his wedding to show us the city, walk around and present me probably the best burger I’ve had!! (The Burger’s Priest in Toronto).  Erin is so sweet and they both were so grateful!! She is a great interior designer! She managed to design and plan almost every beautiful detail for the wedding!! Just check out the gorgeous bouquet!!

For me! This was an amazing experience! Being here, sharing these intimate moments with friends and family is something that encourages me to keep doing it! To be part of these celebrations! To enjoy the happiness around me. Many thanks to Erin’s family who welcomed me and my wife at their home and were super friendly. To all their friends that made us feel part of the group!! Special thanks to Thierry and Cristina, basically because of them I got to meet everybody. ( I loved to see you guys again! ) but again! Thanks to the beautiful couple because believed in me strong enough to to bring me to be part of their love!! Thank you so much my friends!!

Today when my wife saw this she said

– Above all the beauty, all I see is happy and smiling faces!! and that is something that makes me love your pictures…-

Our photographer Christian was a dream to work with. He was able to catch such special moments. He handed us a beautiful tin at the end of the night as a gift with a few Polaroid’s of the night. We were both so touched.
— The Couple